Even with proper diet and exercise, you may find stubborn fat deposits on areas like the hips, flanks, or stomach that won’t seem to budge. While many people choose liposuction to effectively contour these areas, others often wish for a less invasive method for achieving a toned body. In response to this, our team at The Ottawa Clinic is pleased to offer the state-of-the-art solution of CoolSculpting® as a non-surgical body contouring technique.


FDA- and Health Canada-Approved as a safe and effective fat reduction method, CoolSculpting® is an attractive option for treating localised fat deposits that have not responded to a healthy lifestyle. The advanced technology actually freezes fat cells in the trouble area through a process called Cryolipolysis®. This cold energy system is designed to specifically address fatty tissue without harming the surrounding tissue. Over the course of a couple months, the fatty tissue gradually breaks down and is naturally eliminated through the metabolic process. For beautiful results in half the time, we also offer DualSculpting, which allows Royal College-certified plastic surgeon Trefor Nodwell, MD to treat two areas at the same time.

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The CoolSculpting® Procedure

When you come in for your procedure, you will sit or lie down in a chair, at which time the device is placed over the target area. Your fatty tissue will then be suctioned between two cooling plates as the treatment begins. It is normal to experience some discomfort in the form of pulling or tugging, but this is typically minimal and should only last about 5 to 10 minutes until the area goes numb from the cold temperature. The entire process takes approximately one hour to complete.


If you have more than one area you would like treated, such as both hips or flanks, we can utilise what is referred to as DualSculpting, or Dual CoolSculpting®. This option entails using two separate machines to simultaneously treat the target areas, reducing your treatment time to half.

Popular areas treated with CoolSculpting® include the abdomen, flanks, back, and thighs. There is no downtime after your procedure, allowing you to return to your normal activities immediately.

The CoolMini Applicator

For smaller areas with stubborn fat, we offer CoolSculpting® using the CoolMini applicator. This is an attachment that allows us to reduce unwanted fat that develops under the chin, as armpit bulges, and around the knees. This CoolMini tool has proven to be just as effective as other CoolSculpting® applicators but offers new treatment opportunities in hard-to-reach places.

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