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Facial Implants

The Ottawa Clinic offers facial implants for the purpose of enhancing the contours of the face for a more balanced appearance. Men and women with facial features that are asymmetrical, underdeveloped, or have lost volume due to aging may be good candidates for the procedure. Common areas of the face that can achieve a more aesthetic appearance when enhanced with implants are the cheeks and the chin. Our team of plastic surgeons is experienced in utilizing implants to create more defined features that look natural and more proportional with the rest of the face.

If you would like more information about facial implants, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office.

The Facial Implants Procedure

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are designed to provide fullness to the midfacial region for a rounder, more youthful appearance. Whether volume has been lost due to the aging process, or the underlying facial structure simply has a hollowed look, cheek implants are a viable option for increasing facial definition. During the procedure, your surgeon will place the implant through well-concealed incisions under either the upper lip or the lower eyelid.

Chin Implants

Augmenting the chin with implants can provide a more prominent chin that is proportionate to the rest of the face. Patients with a recessed chin, loose skin in the area, or a large nose can benefit from chin implants. Your surgeon will place the implant through incisions either inside the mouth or under the chin.

Facial Implants Recovery

The recovery period for most facial implant patients lasts about one to two weeks. You can begin to see your results immediately, but as swelling subsides over the next several weeks, your results should continue to improve.

To learn how facial implants can improve the overall contour and aesthetics of your facial appearance, please schedule a consultation with our team.