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Dermatology Concerns

At The Ottawa Clinic, we proudly provide a comprehensive array of surgical and non-surgical procedures to meet our patients’ goals. Among the most gratifying aspects of what we do is the opportunity to treat patients with a wide array of concerns – both cosmetic and medical. Our experienced providers use a vast selection of surgical and non-surgical options to address a number of skin concerns with advanced dermatology treatments. 

Our double board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Chloé Ward, MD, FRCP(C), DABD, completed a prestigious fellowship in Cutaneous Laser Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology and has dedicated her career to diagnosing and treating skin-related issues of varying severity. Read on for information about the skin conditions and concerns we can address at The Ottawa Clinic: 

Pigmented Lesions

We use a wide variety of treatment methods and lasers to remove pigmented lesions, including CO2 laser, Fraxel® laser, the IPL device, Q-Switched Spectra™ laser, and electrodessication, among others. The following are some of the lesions we treat which are categorized as pigmented lesions:

Vascular Lesions

We have a wide variety of lasers and devices to treat vascular concerns. We have the new Cutera excel® V+ laser with different wavelengths to target red, purple, and blue vascular lesions, as well as laser genesis and IPL.

Cosmetic/Benign Lesions

We treat skin lesions using different methods, such as intralesional injections, TCA acid topical application, electrodessication, and CO2.

We can treat age-related skin concerns using a wide array of options, from cosmeceuticals, injectables, lasers, and devices. We have CO2, fractional CO2, Fraxel, RF Microneedling, Thermage®, IPL, and many other devices to address age-related concerns.


Our experienced providers treat a variety of scars and have established protocols depending on the type of scar, ranging from topicals, injectables, and laser treatments. We specialize in scarring and can address the following scars:

Stubborn Fat 

A number of our patients complain of isolated fat buildup in the abdomen, thighs, submental (lower facial) region, or elsewhere on their bodies. Even the most strenuous exercise routines will not improve stubborn fat. We offer treatments to permanently remove fat using cryolipolysis via CoolSculpting® (we have dual CoolSculpting® devices at the clinic) and we perform an injectable treatment called BELKYRA™ to dissolve fat. The following are common types of concerns relating to unwanted fat:

Hair Loss

A number of factors can contribute to hair loss, such as heredity, disease, and hormonal imbalance. Both women and men can experience hair loss, which can have not just a physical impact but also an emotional and psychological impact. We approach hair loss from a medical perspective and perform an in-depth consult to determine the diagnosis and cause of the hair loss. We perform cortisone injections or PRP injections for the treatment of hair loss depending on the diagnosis. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections involve the use of one’s own blood to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Women’s Health

We offer the “PRP-Shot” and fractional CO2 laser to rejuvenate the vagina and the labia majora. The PRP-Shot is a quick and comfortable in-office treatment to reduce sexual discomfort, increase natural lubrication and stimulation, and provide rejuvenation among other benefits! PRP is derived from your own blood and its high concentration of growth factors increase vascularization and generate healthy new cells.


We offer laser treatments for tattoo removal (ink tattoos or traumatic tattoos). We have four wavelengths to treat all the colours of the rainbow.

Skin Cancers and Pre-Cancerous Lesions

Our dermatologist treats pre-cancerous and malignant lesions using prescription topical solutions, cryotherapy, shave electrocautery and curettage, and PDT. We offer specialized photodynamic therapy (PDT) for our patients due to our specialty in laser dermatology.

Hyperhidrosis or Unwanted Sweating

We treat unwanted sweating using a variety of techniques and devices. A consult is needed to determine the best approach based on your needs, concerns, medical history, and budget. In addition to offering BOTOX® injections, we are the only clinic in Ottawa to offer miraDry® treatments for a permanent solution to underarm sweating! 


Acne breakouts are one of the most common concerns people have about their skin. Often caused by excess oil production leading to clogged pores, acne can be difficult to control with typical treatment methods like creams. For those struggling with mild to severe acne, our team is thrilled to offer AviClear™ laser treatment, which gets to the root of the problem by targeting the sebaceous glands.

Other Medical Dermatology Concerns

We treat a wide variety of medical dermatological concerns.

If you would like to learn more about dermatology concerns or schedule a consultation with Dr. Ward and one of our experienced nurses, please contact The Ottawa Clinic today. Please note, some conditions may require a referral from your family doctor.