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Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Grafting)

For patients who are unhappy with the shape and appearance of their buttocks, The Ottawa Clinic offers the Brazilian Butt Lift  (BBL) to provide an enhanced contour and firmer look. Our plastic surgeons utilize advanced fat grafting techniques for buttock lift procedures, which involve a combination of liposuction and the transfer of extracted fat cells to the upper part of the buttocks for a more shapely, toned look.

Am I a Candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

To be a candidate for this procedure, the patient must have enough fatty deposits in a “donor” area of the body for fat to be transferred. Common areas of fat harvest include the abdomen, arms, flanks, and thighs. This way of enhancing the buttocks actually gives patients somewhat of a dual procedure – liposuction in a targeted area, followed by buttock enhancement. To learn more about the Brazilian butt lift, please contact us today to set up your consultation.

What Does the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Involve?

To begin the procedure, your surgeon will perform liposuction of the targeted donor site. The fat is then harvested and prepared for injection into the buttocks in small doses. For patients with a more “square” buttock shape, liposuction may be performed in the outer gluteal areas as well. Extra fatty tissue may be injected into the buttocks to compensate for the significant amount of fat tissue the body typically reabsorbs.

What Can I Expect in the Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery?

Following your surgery, you may experience mild swelling and soreness, but this should gradually fade over the first month. You will wear a compression garment temporarily to help the buttock retain the new shape and to control swelling. While not all of the injected fat will be retained, the results are often long-lasting and can ultimately provide a fuller, more voluptuous appearance.

Can I Get a Butt Lift Without Surgery?

While the Brazilian butt lift procedure provides the most significant results for patients wanting a larger buttocks, Sculptra Aesthetic can be utilized as a non-surgical butt lift technique. Often called the “Sculptra butt lift” or a “liquid butt lift,” this alternative method of increasing volume involves injecting the Sculptra Aesthetic formula beneath the skin to help stimulate collagen. Composed of poly-L-lactic acid, Sculptra Aesthetic works to restore the structure of the skin to help plump the area naturally. The treatment can also help address cellulite or dimpling, as well as lift the buttocks when aging has caused sagging skin. Results from a non-surgical butt lift with Sculptra Aesthetic typically last up to two years, if not longer.

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

A Brazilian butt lift typically costs $15,000 or more at our Ottawa plastic surgery practice. The total amount you can expect to pay will vary based on a variety of factors that affect the details of your procedure.

For more information regarding the Brazilian butt lift, or to schedule your consultation, please contact The Ottawa Clinic today.