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The Ottawa Clinic offers otoplasty, also known as ear reshaping or ear pinning, for patients unhappy with the appearance of their prominent ears. Protruding ears are usually apparent in childhood and, without surgical correction, can last an individual’s lifetime. Many people with prominent ears are troubled by their appearance and can be subject to unwanted attention, especially for children with their peers. Through the ear pinning procedure, the ears are repositioned and reshaped, often to a smaller size or less prominent position.

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The Ear Pinning Procedure

The ear pinning procedure uses small incisions behind the ear, helping to conceal any potential scarring that may form. Through these incisions, your plastic surgeon can access the necessary tissues for the purpose of reducing ear prominence and improving its shape and contour. General anesthesia is typically given to children for the surgery, while adults undergo local anesthesia with or without sedation. The surgery often takes one to two hours to complete, but this will vary based on the extend of the patient’s needs.

Ear Pinning Recovery

Following ear pinning surgery, children can typically return to school after the first one to two weeks; adults often feel comfortable returning to work within just a couple days. Any pain or discomfort experienced during the recovery can be minimized with lower-strength narcotic medication. Most activities can be resumed within the first two weeks, but our surgeons recommend avoiding more strenuous activities until three to four weeks after the procedure.

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