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Breast lift procedure

The Breast Lift Procedure

Over time, life’s challenges or hormonal changes can cause a woman’s breasts to lose their shape and firmness or position, leading to feelings of discomfort and dissatisfaction.

At The Ottawa Clinic, we are committed to helping women regain a sense of physical and emotional well-being through our breast cosmetics and reconstructive surgery services.

The breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is typically performed as a one-day procedure. Patients undergo the surgery and return home on the same day, without the need for an overnight hospital stay. This outpatient approach allows individuals to experience the transformative benefits of breast lift while minimizing disruption to their daily routines.

What we offer at The Ottawa Clinic

Breast lift surgery at The Ottawa Clinic is not merely a cosmetic procedure ; it’s a holistic approach to revitalizing one’s figure.

We utilize advanced techniques to tighten the skin, eliminating sagging and giving your breasts a smooth and taut texture. This essential step ensures a distinctly firmer and more elegant breast contour.

By reshaping your breast tissue, we ensure that your chest not only regains its shape but is also harmoniously proportioned to your figure. This attention to detail ensures the outcome is both natural and flattering.

One of the most telling signs of a sagging breast is the nipple’s position. By lifting your nipples to an optimal position, we give them a higher, more youthful appearance, often seen as the pinnacle of the procedure.

The course of a breast lift

Here’s a detailed overview of the breast lift procedure at The Ottawa Clinic, from the pre-operative consultation to the post-operative period :

Our breast lift procedure takes place in our fully accredited surgical facility, under general anesthesia, and on an outpatient basis. Depending on the selected approach, our surgeon will create different incisions, varying from a basic outline around the areola to a more extensive cut for significant reshaping. These incisions are subsequently closed with sutures.

If you have questions about breast lift surgery or wish to schedule a consultation, we invite you to contact us today.