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Breast Lift : Are you the right fit for this procedure?

  1. Understanding the need for a breast lift
    Every individual desire a confident body image that makes them feel good about themselves. Yet, various life events and natural processes can sometimes lead to unwelcome changes, especially in the breast area. With age, skin naturally loses its elasticity. This biological phenomenon is exacerbated by various factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, sun exposure, and genetic predisposition, significantly affecting a woman’s breast firmness and appearance. The mastopexy, commonly referred to as a breast lift, is a surgical solution to sagging breasts. This procedure aims to reshape and firm the breast by elevating it and correcting drooping and asymmetry.

  2. Is Mastopexy right for you?
    If you’ve noticed changes in your breasts’ appearance, whether due to age, life events, or genetics, and you wish to address a cosmetic concern, there’s a good chance you might benefit from a mastopexy. However, the final decision is personal and should be made after weighing the pros and cons. At The Ottawa Clinic, we’re here to guide you throughout this journey, providing expert advice and support every step of the way.Trust our expertise to determine if breast lift surgery is the ideal option for you.


  3. The mastopexy solution at The Ottawa Clinic
    Our plastic surgeon specializes in restoring the vitality and firmness of the breasts. The surgical procedure is carried out with meticulous precision, where excess skin is carefully removed, the neighboring tissues are tightened to ensure optimized support and shape. If needed, special attention is given to the repositioning of the areolas and nipples to ensure a harmonious and attractive breast contour.After undergoing a mastopexy at The Ottawa Clinic, you’ll not only notice a visible rejuvenation of your breasts, making them firmer and more toned, but you will also gain renewed confidence. Each procedure is designed to provide you with a refreshed and younger appearance, making your satisfaction our greatest success.
  4. The initial consultation 

    Assessing whether you are the perfect candidate for a breast lift is a crucial step before deciding to move forward with this procedure. Thus, at The Ottawa Clinic, your journey begins with an intimate and detailed consultation that allows our plastic surgeon to:

More importantly, it’s an opportunity for you to voice your concerns, desires, and goals. The consultation is a mutual exchange – a collaboration between you and our surgeon to ensure your vision aligns with what is medically possible and safe. Our priority is to ensure that every potential breast lift candidate leaves the consultation room with clarity, confidence, and a personalized plan.

To learn more about our mastopexy procedure and other services we offer, connect with The Ottawa Clinic.