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Find Your Way to Feeling Beautiful: A Closer Look at Mole Removal and Scar Revision

dermatologist doctor inspecting woman skin for moles and melanomaEveryone should feel comfortable with the skin they’re in–but not every mole is a beauty mark, and some scars don’t heal ideally. Through mole removal and scar revision, people can look their best and become more comfortable with their bodies.

Refine Your Look

“The medical definition of a mole is very specific, but in general a mole refers to a dark, protruding spot on the skin,” explains Dr. Nodwell, plastic surgeon and founder of The Ottawa Clinic. “While some people are born with moles, others develop them as a result of aging or sun exposure. Some become more pronounced over time, so a mole someone likes when they’re younger isn’t necessarily one they’ll like later in life.”

Whether it’s a mole you have never grown to love or one that has grown too much, getting it removed is a simple in-office procedure performed under local anaesthetic. The results are immediately visible and leave only a small, minimal scar.

Regain Your Confidence

“Throughout our lives, many of us will undergo surgery, and, while often necessary, these procedures can leave scars that are unsightly,” says Dr. Nodwell. “Scars leave some feeling self-conscious about their bodies, and with scar revision, we can help them get their confidence back.”

Depending on the type of scarring, there are several kinds of procedures for scar revision, from quick in-office procedures to more extensive re-operation. Laser technologies such as Fraxel® can be used to blend the skin and colour of the scar to reduce irregularities. In some cases, a scar may be completely removed and closed with different techniques, giving new skin a chance to grow over and take its place. More complex scarring might require skin grafting or tissue expansion.

Don’t let a mole or scar stand in the way of feeling beautiful. Book a consultation with one of our doctors to find out what procedure is best for you.