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Although recovery from arm lift surgery will vary from patient to patient, our plastic surgeons can provide you with a guideline of what to expect after your surgery. Depending upon your needs and expectations, the arm lift surgery will be customized to achieve your goals. In rare cases, the surgical incision is made in the underarm area. Patients with moderate to severe skin laxity of the upper arms typically require a longer incision made along the inside of the arm. ... Continue Reading

There are several reasons that loose skin may develop on the arms. Weight fluctuations may cause the skin of the arm to lose its elasticity, particularly the area that spans from the underarm to the elbow. Skin laxity in this area may also be the result of the natural aging process, and many people develop sagging skin that is sometimes referred to as “bat wings.” Unfortunately, diet and exercise typically cannot provide significant improvement for this condition. However, our plastic ... Continue Reading