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When rapper Sir Mix a Lot had his 1991 number one hit, Baby Got Back, he couldn’t possibly have foreseen today’s big booty beauty trend, but here it is in 2017. Over the last year, Buttock augmentation using fat grafting has increased 26 per cent according to a recent study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). In this procedure, the plastic surgeon uses liposuction to harvest unwanted fat from the abdomen and then injects it to lift the ... Continue Reading

For women looking to improve their figure with plastic surgery, a Brazilian butt lift might be the key to getting the body shape they have always wanted. While many women are in search of a bigger booty, a butt lift will not only enhance its size, but can help them achieve a slimmer and more refined silhouette. “To perform a Brazilian butt lift, we first extract fat from another part of the body,” explains Dr. Trefor Nodwell, founder and plastic ... Continue Reading