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Rediscover Youthful Skin with Thermage®

Woman portrait breathing deep fresh air on the beachFrom a small office off the waiting room of The Ottawa Clinic the hum of a harpsichord scale comes and goes. At first you might think someone has forgotten their cell phone, but if you peek into the office, you will see that the sound is actually being made by a small wand which Jenna, a nurse at the clinic, applies slowly to the face of a patient. This lovely hum is Thermage®.

Thermage® is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure designed to rejuvenate the natural elasticity of the skin. “Everyone has collagen in their skin, but as we age it isn’t produced quite as quickly,” Jenna explains. “The Thermage® machine emits a small amount of heat which wakes up the collagen in your skin and stimulates its production over time.”

The heat Jenna is talking about comes from radiofrequency technology, which also makes it hum. This, Jenna says, is her favourite procedure to perform because it is a simple treatment, and patients don’t experience more than a slight warming of the skin. “This means I can have a conversation with my patients as we go. It’s an intimate procedure, and at the end I feel like I have made a new friend.”

A Thermage® treatment can be applied to almost any part of the body where the skin has begun to sag or wrinkle with time; this includes around the eyes, behind the knee, and even on the abdomen. Thermage® is a relatively quick procedure with areas of the face taking just under an hour, and larger areas, like the buttocks, taking up to two.

Because the procedure uses radiofrequency technology, it doesn’t leave any marks, bruises or swelling, which means there is no recovery time and patients can get right back to their daily activities. Some patients notice the effects of Thermage® right after their treatment, but usually changes appear gradually as the skin produces new collagen and regains its youthful complexion.

The Ottawa Clinic also offers Thermage® treatments as part of its comprehensive skin rejuvenation program to enhance the effects of other surgical and non-surgical procedures.

“What is really great about Thermage®,” says Dr. Trefor Nodwell, plastic surgeon and founder of The Ottawa clinic, “is that it helps patients get a younger look without changing the original contours of their body. It produces natural results that can be maintained for years.”

You’ll be humming a happy tune while rediscovering your younger self. Choose you! Book a consultation with a Thermage® specialist.