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Breast augmentation procedure

Cosmetic surgery is a constantly evolving field, combining medical expertise, cutting-edge technology and individual aspirations. At the heart of this dynamic is The Ottawa Clinic. Renowned for its exceptional expertise in breast augmentation, our clinic has redefined the standards of excellence. Each procedure is meticulously tailored to the unique needs of each patient, guaranteeing harmonious, natural results.

Cutting-edge techniques for impeccable results

At The Ottawa Clinic, we combine our surgical expertise with the most advanced techniques in the industry. Depending on the desired result and the patient’s morphology, our renowned surgeons select the best approach.

  1. Incision under the natural breast fold :

This method is also known as inframammary incision. It is made in the crease where the lower breast meets the chest. The advantages of this approach are manifold :

Discretion : The scar is cleverly concealed in the fold, meaning it is rarely visible, even when wearing tight-fitting clothing or swimwear.

Access : This technique gives surgeons direct access and excellent visualization during implant placement, enabling optimal precision.

Flexibility : Suitable for different implant types and sizes.


  1. Incision around the areola :

Known as the periareolar incision, this type of incision is made around the edge of the areola. Advantages include :

– Camouflage : Since this incision is made along the naturally pigmented edge of the areola, the resulting scar is often well concealed.

– Preservation of sensitivity : This technique minimizes nerve disruption, preserving sensation in the area.

– Adaptability : It can be particularly beneficial for certain forms of breast correction in conjunction with augmentation.


Implant placement also plays a key role in achieving a natural, comfortable result. The breast implant can be positioned either directly under the breast tissue (sub-glandular) or under the pectoral muscle (sub-muscular). Let’s look at the implications of each choice.

  1. Under the breast tissue:

Sub-glandular placement places the implant directly under the breast tissue, but above the pectoral muscle. Here are the advantages of this method:

– Faster recovery : Since there is less muscle disruption, patients can often expect a shorter recovery period.

– Natural appearance : This technique can offer a more natural appearance for women who already have a certain amount of breast tissue.

– Flexibility of movement : Since the pectoral muscle is not involved, there is less risk of implant movement during muscle contraction.

  1. Under the pectoral muscle :

Placing the implant under the pectoral muscle provides an extra layer of tissue over the implant, making it less noticeable. Highlights of this method include :

– Aesthetic rendering : For women with little breast tissue, this method can offer a softer, more natural look, avoiding the “ballooned” appearance of the implant.

– Reduced complications : Sub-muscular placement can reduce the risk of certain complications, such as capsular contracture.

– Better visualization during mammography : With the implant under the muscle, it’s often easier to obtain a clear image of the breast tissue during X-ray examinations.

Whether the incision is made under the natural fold of the breast or around the areola, it is always designed to be as inconspicuous as possible. Similarly, implant placement, whether directly under the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle, is chosen to ensure comfort and aesthetics. Every decision is taken with a view to delivering a result that exceeds expectations, while preserving the safety of our patients.

Rapid intervention for immediate transformation :

Speed and efficiency are key to our approach. At our clinic, a breast augmentation operation is not only performed by expert hands, but also within an impressive timeframe. In less than two hours, the metamorphosis is complete. But rest assured, this speed in no way compromises the quality of the procedure. What’s more, the fact that our patients can go home the same day reflects our commitment to making the experience as comfortable as possible.

Beyond Augmentation :

Some aesthetic needs may require a more comprehensive approach. That’s why, at The Ottawa Clinic, our aspirations go beyond breast augmentation. Our vision encompasses a broad spectrum of solutions, tailored to individual needs, to ensure perfect aesthetics. Our plastic surgeons evaluate each case with a critical eye and attentive listening, sometimes recommending a combination of procedures to achieve the desired aesthetic excellence.

If a patient requires a breast lift to achieve the desired contour and curvature, we are equipped to combine both procedures in a single operation. This integrated approach minimizes recovery time and maximizes aesthetic results.

If you would like to schedule a consultation or have any concerns addressed, please do not hesitate to contact our team.