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Keller funnel surgical techniques

Research and development in the field of plastic surgery is evolving at a breathtaking pace, offering ever more effective and safe solutions. The Ottawa Clinic, renowned for its innovative approach, has added a cutting-edge surgical technique to its range of services : the use of the Keller funnel for breast implantation. Thanks to the expertise of Nodwell and Smith, this method brings unprecedented benefits to patients.

Why choose the Keller Funnel surgical techniques ?

The process of choosing between various surgical techniques is often dominated by concern for safety, efficacy and the final aesthetic result. In this respect, the Keller Funnel is a marvel of surgical engineering. Its main asset is its ability to facilitate the insertion of silicone implants, making the process not only safer, but also less invasive.

Compared with other methods, the Keller funnel offers a significantly shorter incision, reducing the risk of visible scarring and delivering a more satisfactory aesthetic result. This technique also limits trauma to the body. In concrete terms, this means less post-operative swelling and bruising, guaranteeing a faster, less painful recovery.

While the main objective of breast augmentation is often aesthetic, it is essential not to overlook the safety and longevity of the result. The Keller funnel excels in this respect too. Its use considerably reduces the risk of post-operative complications, including the dreaded capsular contracture, which can affect the look and feel of the implant. What’s more, Keller’s “non-contact” funnel technique is revolutionary in terms of infection prevention. By limiting direct manipulation of the implant, it significantly reduces the chances of contamination and infection, ensuring an even safer procedure.

Your consultation at The Ottawa Clinic

Deciding to undergo surgery, even cosmetic surgery, is a significant step and requires adequate preparation and careful consideration. At The Ottawa Clinic, we understand the importance of this choice, so we’ve put in place a consultation process that focuses on your individual needs, expectations and safety.

  1. Meeting our experts : From the moment you arrive at the clinic, you’ll be welcomed into a warm and reassuring environment. You’ll have the opportunity to meet our renowned surgeons. These experts will take the time to talk with you, listen to your concerns and answer all your questions. Their personalized approach will help you feel confident and better prepared for your planned surgery.
  2. Complete medical evaluation : Before opting for a specific technique, a complete medical evaluation will be carried out. This allows us to understand your medical history, identify any risks and ensure that the chosen procedure is the most suitable for you.
  3. Discovering the Keller Funnel technique : During this consultation, our experts will introduce you to the benefits of the Keller Funnel. You’ll discover how this revolutionary method can meet your breast augmentation expectations. If, for any reason, this technique isn’t right for you, our surgeons will guide you towards alternatives that best match your profile and desires.
  4. Priority to safety and satisfaction : The purpose of the consultation is not only to assess eligibility for a particular technique, but also to guarantee that the final result will meet your expectations while ensuring your safety. Our surgeons strive to combine technical excellence with attentive listening to ensure your satisfaction.

To find out more about Keller funnel surgical techniques, please contact our clinic.