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Breast augmentation results

The quest for body harmony can lead many women to consider breast augmentation. At The Ottawa Clinic, we’re dedicated to ensuring not only outstanding aesthetic results, but also the longevity of those results. The quality of our implants and our surgical expertise ensure a transformation that lasts over time.

The longevity of breast implants

While it’s common to believe that breast implants are permanent, they are actually designed to last several years, not a lifetime. On average, a patient can expect her implants to remain in excellent condition for a decade or more. However, this depends on many factors, such as the type of implant chosen, the surgical technique used and the physiological particularities of each patient. Understanding this nuance is essential to managing expectations and planning regular follow-up.

It’s with this durability in mind that we select our breast implants, guided by three major principles : superior quality, a safe and reliable process, and adaptability to the uniqueness of each patient.

The signs of time

Over time, any medical device, including breast implants, is likely to show signs of wear. After the initial ten-year period, you may notice changes such as rippling, deflation or even implant rupture. These signs are not inevitable, but they are possible. That’s why regular monitoring is essential to detect and treat any complications promptly.

Guarantees and support

The investment in breast augmentation goes far beyond the initial surgical act. The good news is that most breast implant manufacturers recognize the need to offer warranties for their products. These warranties can be extremely useful, often covering the cost of replacement in the event of implant failure. At The Ottawa Clinic, we work closely with reputable suppliers who offer these warranties. We’re also here to guide you through the claims process if necessary.

Revision surgeries and ongoing follow-up

The beauty of cosmetic surgery, and breast augmentation in particular, lies in its ability to evolve according to the patient’s needs and desires. If, at any time, you feel the need or desire to undergo a revision, our surgeons are there for you. Whether it’s to replace an implant, adjust the size or correct any other problem, we’ll make sure you’re satisfied throughout your aesthetic journey.

When you choose The Ottawa Clinic, you’re choosing a long-term partnership. Our commitment to your satisfaction and safety doesn’t stop after the operation. We’re here to support you, ensure the sustainability of your results and offer you the best solutions at every stage of your aesthetic journey.

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