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Breast implant options – Autologous fat grafting

The IDEAL IMPLANT® stands as an innovative option in the realm of breast augmentation. Distinguished by its unique design, this structured breast implant comprises two chambers that contain a saline solution. Within these chambers, one to three “baffle” shells are present, contributing to a more natural look and feel by minimizing saline movement. One of its primary advantages is the reduction of wrinkling and folding, which can potentially lead to implant rupture over time.


Engineered with precision, the IDEAL IMPLANT® also demonstrates a lower risk of developing capsular contracture, a common concern in breast augmentation. This structured implant’s intricate design aims to enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of breast augmentation surgery. The Ottawa Clinic takes immense pride in being the pioneer practice in the National Capital Region to offer this advanced implant choice, reaffirming our commitment to providing patients with cutting-edge options for achieving their desired results.


During the consultation process, our experienced plastic surgeons at The Ottawa Clinic will meticulously evaluate your unique needs and preferences to determine whether the IDEAL IMPLANT® is the right fit for your augmentation goals. We understand that each patient’s journey is individual, and our team’s comprehensive expertise ensures that the chosen implant aligns seamlessly with your aesthetic aspirations and medical considerations.


At The Ottawa Clinic, our unwavering dedication to exceptional patient care and surgical advancements sets us apart. We believe that the IDEAL IMPLANT® offers a transformative option for suitable candidates, providing enhanced breast augmentation results while minimizing potential complications. Our team is committed to ensuring your breast augmentation experience is safe, satisfying, and marked by the positive impact of modern surgical innovation.