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Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Before & AfterOver the last decade, Christine has lost 150 pounds with the aid of bariatric surgery and a rigorous routine of diet and exercise. She became an avid cyclist and athlete, but excess skin held her back from living life to its fullest. Christine needed a way to match her body and lifestyle, so she turned to plastic surgery.

Christine’s biggest insecurity after her weight loss was the excess skin around her arms. “I felt great, but I couldn’t wear dresses or shirts that showed my arms.” The size and position of her breasts were also holding her back. “I was a 34H. Buying clothes that looked good was almost impossible, and you have no idea how expensive it is to buy a bra that size, never mind a sports bra!”

Christine was looking for a plastic surgeon to perform two procedures: first an arm lift and then a breast reduction and lift. She took recommendations from friends and visited several clinics in Ottawa, but it wasn’t until she walked into The Ottawa Clinic and spoke with Dr. Trefor Nodwell that she knew she had found the right surgeon.

“What really made Dr. Nodwell stand out was his approach to my breast reconstruction. Most doctors wanted to use synthetic implants, but Dr. Nodwell’s technique used my own tissue to lift my breasts, and that was very appealing to me. On top of that, the staff at the clinic was friendly and helpful, which was something I hadn’t encountered at other clinics.”

Christine wanted a body shape that was proportional to her weight, and Dr. Nodwell explained how reshaping her arms could do this. In their discussions about her breast lift, he also suggested she get a tummy tuck and remove the excess skin from her back. The combination of these procedures would help Christine attain the shape she had always wanted but couldn’t achieve through weight loss alone.

“Now I feel really amazing,” says Christine, “Dr. Nodwell did a great job with all my procedures, but especially my breasts. Now they’re a 34DD–they look and feel natural, and my life is so much easier. I can buy clothes that fit and look good, and play sports without limitations. Plastic surgery helped me get my life back.”

Take your life back! Book a consultation with Dr. Nodwell to see how post-weight loss plastic surgery can complete your look.