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How Do I Choose the Right Breast Implants?

Woman SmilingWhen undergoing breast augmentation, there are several factors to consider that will affect the final outcome. At The Ottawa Clinic, we offer a variety of breast implant options to help each woman attain their unique, aesthetic goals. From the type and shape of the implant to the size and profile, our team of experienced plastic surgeons will recommend the most appropriate features based on the patient’s specific needs and what they hope to achieve. Below are some of the different factors that go into choosing the ideal breast implants for each patient:

Type: Implants come in either saline or silicone versions, each type with its unique benefits. Or, should the patient be interested, we also offer autologous fat grafting, which entails filling the breast with fatty tissue harvested from another area of the patient’s body.

Shape: Traditionally, round implants were always used to enhance the breasts. In addition to this shape, we also offer the teardrop-shaped implants, which some patients prefer because they can provide a more natural curvature to the breast.

Size: One of the biggest concerns women have about their implants is the size. During the consultation process, our surgeons will help patients select the size that aligns with their goals while also maintaining a natural appearance.

Profile: The profile of an implant will affect the overall shape of the breast. Each type–high, moderate, or low profile–has a different ratio of implant diameter to projection. For example: a high profile is smaller in diameter but projects further, while a low profile has a larger diameter and lower projection.

To determine which of the above features will help the patient reach their goal results, our plastic surgeons perform a physical exam while also considering their desired look. Based on this information, they can establish the most beneficial implants and create an individualised treatment plan.

For more information about breast implants and the options available at The Ottawa Clinic, please contact us to schedule your consultation.