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Tummy Tuck or Liposuction: Which Slimming Cosmetic Procedure Is Right for You

Tummy TuckHey Ottawa, want to look slimmer or get a smoother figure? Thinking about having a tummy tuck or liposuction? The way these terms are thrown around in the media, it is easy to think that the procedures are similar. However, the conditions and outcomes of each are very different. Dr. Trefor Nodwell of The Ottawa Clinic explains:

Tummy Tuck

Who is it for? “A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, isn’t for everyone,” Dr. Nodwell explains. “The procedure is designed for people with a significant amount of excess skin around their stomach area.” This includes women who have had babies, people who have lost significant amounts of weight and others with excess skin.

What does it do? This procedure gives patients a firmer, toned look in the stomach region.

How does it work? “To remove excess fat and skin from the stomach area, we make an incision along the pubic region,” explains Dr. Nodwell. “Once the fat is removed, we reshape and smooth out the stomach by tightening the muscles and skin.”

Recovery time? Patients can expect some pain and swelling which can be treated with pain medications. Patients can usually resume light activity in a few weeks, but strenuous activities should be held off for several weeks to ensure healing. “Scarring can be expected,” Dr. Nodwell says, “but is usually positioned to be hidden by swimwear.”


Who is it for? Liposuction is for anyone who struggles to shed stubborn fat.

What does it do? Liposuction removes isolated deposits of fat from areas such as the tummy, thighs, buttocks, hips, waist and other parts of the body.

How does it work? “During the liposuction procedure,” explains Dr. Nodwell, “we make small incisions in the targeted area and, with the aid of a small suction tube, carefully remove the fat. It’s best to pick an area where skin is firm and elastic so that it holds its shape after the procedure.”

Recovery time? Patients must keep the treated areas under compression garments to control swelling. Mild bruising is normal and most patients can resume activities within the first week.
“Choosing the right procedure is an important step in taking control of how you look and feel,” says Dr. Nodwell. “It is important that people know what options are available, and that they discuss the merits of each with their doctor.”

Choose you! Take control this fall and find out which procedure is right for you! Book with Dr. Nodwell, board certified plastic surgeon at The Ottawa Clinic.