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Will Gynecomastia Go Away with Exercise?

GynecomastiaMen living with gynecomastia often feel self-conscious about having overdeveloped or enlarged breasts. Their desire to obtain a more toned and masculine chest usually begins with seeking natural ways of reducing their excess breast tissue, such as chest exercises. Whether enlarged male breasts will respond to exercise or not will ultimately depend upon the unique makeup of the individual’s breast tissue.

The breasts are composed of fatty tissue and glandular tissue. If a man has enlarged breasts due to weight gain, they have a condition known as pseudogynecomastia, which is caused by excess fatty tissue; and diet and exercise may be an effective method of reducing their breast size. If the enlarged breast tissue is caused by factors like medications, steroid use, or hormonal changes, he most likely suffers from gynecomastia, which involves glandular tissue that cannot be reduced with exercise.

Male breast reduction surgery is the most effective treatment for gynecomastia. This procedure often involves a combination of liposuction (to target excess fat) and mastectomy (to remove excess gland tissue). To receive a diagnosis for gynecomastia and discover the best treatment for your unique condition, schedule an appointment at The Ottawa Clinic to consult with one of our experienced plastic surgeons.