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Toned and Fit: Melissa’s CoolSculpting® Journey

Melissa,  booking officer,  The Ottawa Clinic

Melissa, booking officer, The Ottawa Clinic

Melissa, a booking officer at The Ottawa Clinic, has seen hundreds of patients’ positive transformations with plastic surgeon Dr. Nodwell. It’s one of her favourite aspects of the job. Recently, the opportunity arose for her to take charge of her own happiness. She did exactly that with the Clinic’s new Dual CoolSculpting® procedure.

The Ottawa Clinic is the first, and only, place in Ottawa to offer a Dual CoolSculpting® experience. “Even before we got the technology, I was excited about it,” Melissa explained. “So when I got the opportunity to do it in April 2015, I was so thrilled! Who doesn’t want to try fat melting technology?”

Although more of a fat freezer, CoolSculpting® is a safe way to reduce stubborn fat, especially for people who have tried dieting and exercise and have not seen the desired results. The non-invasive technology freezes fat cells and breaks them down over a few months, which the body then naturally expels. At The Ottawa Clinic, patients can treat two areas at the same time with the Dual CoolSculpting®, giving results in half the time.

“Sarah, our nurse who performed the procedure, told me what to expect – the process is almost pain free. It’s a little uncomfortable if anything,” she explained. “A few days after the procedure, I had a few bruises in the treated areas and felt numb where the fat had been frozen.”

Although she has only had one treatment cycle to her abdomen, arms, flanks and inner and outer thighs, Melissa has seen dramatic results. She soon started to notice a difference in her abdomen. In June, she started to notice real results across all five treated areas.

“I’ve seen great improvements to my arms and abdominal area. I feel much more comfortable wearing a sleeveless shirt now!” she exclaimed. “When I look in the mirror or walk by a store window, I notice they look more toned and less flabby.”

Before the procedure, Melissa was troubled with “muffin tops” in her abdominal/flank area, but now she’s able to wear tight pants and tighter shirts without seeing “the bulges I saw before.”

She said, “A few friends asked what diet or workout I’ve been doing. I told them they were seeing the results of the Dual CoolSculpting®. I’m living proof that it works!”

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