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Which Fat Removal Procedure Is Right for Me?

Diet and exercise can be extremely effective for achieving a healthier weight and more toned body contour—but what about that last bit of fat that won’t seem to leave areas like the abdomen, hips, and arms? Cosmetic fat removal procedures have become increasingly popular over the years to help sculpt localized areas of fat. At The Ottawa Clinic, our plastic surgeons offer multiple body contouring solutions, including liposuction and CoolSculpting®, to help patients achieve their dream body.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves making small incisions near the area of concern, through which a special tool is inserted to carefully remove the excess fat cells. Liposuction is ideal for patients with larger pockets of excess fat they wish to have removed. It can also address multiple areas during the same procedure. If you have excess skin along with stubborn pockets of fat, a combination procedure may be especially beneficial for your needs. By performing procedures like abdominoplasty or arm lift surgery along with liposuction, patients achieve more extensive contouring results.

For those who would prefer a non-surgical option with minimal recovery time, our team offers CoolSculpting—a fat reduction treatment that literally freezes the targeted excess fat cells, destroying them in the process. CoolSculpting is great for men and women who have smaller areas of stubborn fat they’d like to remove. While the treatment is less invasive than liposuction, the amount of fat reduction is not as significant, and best results are often achieved with multiple CoolSculpting treatment sessions.

Regardless of the specific procedure you are seeking, keep in mind that body contouring is designed to improve the shape of your body, not provide weight loss. Good candidates for fat reduction procedures should always be at or near their ideal weight. To determine your candidacy for one of these popular procedures, please schedule a consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons.