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Getting Rid of Loose Hanging Skin After Gastric Bypass Surgery: an Ottawa Man’s Story

Having dieted off 80 lbs. and losing another 120 with gastric bypass surgery, Tony felt great! Feeling better than he had in years, he was delighted with his dramatic weight loss.

However, he soon realized that the loose skin hanging off his body wouldn’t go away on its own. So, he booked a consultation with Dr. Sachin Chitte, Ottawa’s leading post weight-loss plastic surgeon, to find out about his options.

“I was worried about the stress I would be putting my family through,” says Tony, who struggled initially with the guilt associated with surgery that some might consider ‘elective.’ “I was very fortunate to have the support and care of my wife and parents both before and after the surgery.”

In the weeks leading up to his procedure, Tony visited The Ottawa Clinic three times for consultations to discuss the surgical procedures required to address his specific goals. With advice from Dr. Chitte, a board certified plastic surgeon and co-founder of The Ottawa Clinic, he decided to have to a tummy tuck, (abdominoplasty), thigh lift, male breast reduction and liposuction to remove stubborn pockets of fat that remained on his body.

Plastic Surgery Day

On the morning of the body contouring surgery, Tony vividly recalls standing in front of Dr. Chitte as the surgeon marked up his body, identifying where the excess skin on his stomach, thighs and chest would be removed. “I was a bit nervous and self-conscious, but Dr. Chitte was extremely professional and went right to work, making it all real and matter-of-fact for me.”

Tony underwent over eight hours of body contouring, with Dr. Chitte performing the surgeries alongside Dr. Trefor Nodwell, The Ottawa Clinic’s co-founder. After waking up from the anesthetic, Tony says the whole procedure felt more like 15 minutes. The recovery time to heal fully would take a few weeks more. Surgical garments were used to hold everything in place and could be restrictive. Looking back, though, Tony has no regrets.

“I would strongly recommend anyone considering this surgery to meet with Dr. Chitte and talk about it,” he says. “He and his team never made me feel like I was being judged. The follow-up care I received was excellent and made the entire experience much easier.”

Having made it through the final phase of his weight loss journey, Tony reports feeling a lot more confident. “I’m able to play soccer outside with kids. I can take off my shirt to swim, and I’m definitely much more self-aware and mindful of my health and body.”

An Ottawa Patient’s Advice

Tony is open about his experience and has advice for anyone considering body contouring surgery after major weight loss.

“My life is better. It is a journey that had its challenges but was definitely one worth taking.”

To learn more about body contouring, and how post-weight loss surgery can help you attain the body you’ve been working toward, please contact The Ottawa Clinic today.