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Ottawa Women: When is the right time for breast surgery?

Breast augmentation consistently ranks as the top cosmetic surgery in the world. For women who make the personal decision to have the surgery, the results can boost self-esteem and contribute to a more positive body image. So is there a right time for a woman to want to enhance her figure by having breast surgery?

“Women will seek out this surgery at different stages of their lives, for different reasons,” said Dr. Trefor Nodwell, board-certified plastic surgeon and co-founder of The Ottawa Clinic. “The most common age group is young women in their 20s and 30s, but we also see mothers wanting to reclaim their pre-baby bodies, as well as middle-aged women.”

Breast Surgery Timeline:

While every woman’s story and timing is unique, here are some common trends:


For younger women, the key surgery motivator is dissatisfaction with the size and shape of their breasts. Breast augmentation adds volume and can achieve either a subtle enhancement or a fuller, more voluptuous look. After surgery, patients should expect to look good wearing a bathing suit, tank top or cocktail dress. Surgery can also reduce breasts that are disproportionately large for a patient’s body frame.


Years of breastfeeding and nurturing can take a toll on a mother’s post-baby body. While many moms expect their breasts to change, some can be surprised by how dramatic the changes can be. A breast lift and implants can help reclaim a beautiful figure by reducing sagging skin and giving the breasts a firmer, “perkier” appearance. For many women, it’s a way to reconnect with their bodies, and enhance self-esteem and sexual confidence.


As women reach middle age and hormonal changes occur, breasts tend to sag downward and become less full and firm. The result can be a more “matronly looking” breast. It’s not uncommon for women to want to address the natural effects of aging and have breast lifts or reductions.

The Ottawa Clinic specializes in all aspects of breast surgery and uses the very latest in implants, surgical placement and incision techniques.

“As women live longer, they are staying fit and active. Regaining the youthful body type they had years ago can be a huge confidence booster and enhance their quality of life,” says Dr. Nodwell. “We ensure our breast surgery patients can make informed decisions about the right size, shape and outcome they want to achieve. Whatever the age, the effect should be natural – never ‘done’ – and result in a more beautiful figure, shape and proportion.”

Considering breast surgery in your future? Contact The Ottawa Clinic for a consultation to discuss if this option is right for you.