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Know the Nose: Tips and Trends in Rhinoplasty

RhinoplastyWhile many people associate rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose-job, with Hollywood movie stars and their never-ending quest for beauty, this plastic surgery procedure actually is popular among men and women for both its cosmetic and corrective benefits.

To get the inside scoop on Ottawa noses, Dr. Sachin Chitte shares his insight as the rhinoplasty expert working alongside Dr. Trefor Nodwell at The Ottawa Clinic

“Most of the patients who come in for a rhinoplasty have considered getting the procedure for a long time,” says Dr. Chitte. “These patients are very clear about what they want to fix, whether it is a bump in their bridge or a curved tip. Another common concern are the distinct, inherited traits such as size and shape. This is particularly common among men and women from East Indian, Middle Eastern and African communities.”

Depending on the issue a patient wants to address, a surgeon will perform either a closed or open rhinoplasty. During a closed rhinoplasty, the shape of the nose is adjusted by accessing the cartilage and tissue through the nostrils. This procedure is less invasive and leaves minimal scarring. An open rhinoplasty is used to correct more pronounced imperfections on the outside of the nose and involves a small incision in the columella, the space between the nostrils.

A Fix for Old Injuries

“A lot of patients come in for rhinoplasty because they have suffered a serious nasal injury,” says Dr. Chitte. “Usually the nose has healed improperly leaving it crooked, or it’s developed a protrusion. Rhinoplasty can help them get back to the original look. Sometimes this is considered a corrective procedure and, if it impedes their well-being, it might be covered by OHIP. However, patients will have to consult with a surgeon and OHIP to find out.”

With an initial recovery lasting seven to 10 days, and some residual swelling, rhinoplasty can be an effective plastic surgery procedure that helps patients feel healthier in both body and mind.

Not Ready to Make the Commitment?

“A growing trend among those seeking rhinoplasty is to opt for an injectable filler, like JUVÉDERM®, instead of surgery,” says Dr. Chitte. “With fillers we can make small corrections to the shape of a patient’s nose, like giving it a more symmetrical appearance. These effects are temporary so if a patient isn’t satisfied, he or she isn’t stuck with the results forever. We can make adjustments to the injections to produce more desired results.”

Have you been thinking about changing your look? Find out what approach will work best for you. Book an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon at The Ottawa Clinic.