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Male Rhinoplasty vs. Female Rhinoplasty

Although similar techniques are used when performing rhinoplasty procedures for men and women, there are varying details to consider when it comes to creating the desired aesthetic. Whether an open or closed rhinoplasty technique is the foundation of the patient’s surgical plan, the specifics of the procedure are customized to suit the unique goals of the patient. In general, there are some key differences among the aesthetic characteristics men and women typically desire from their rhinoplasty.

Women generally seek to narrow the bridge of the nose for a more delicate appearance while many men prefer a more prominent bridge for a distinguished look. The angle of the tip of the nose is also an area where men and women usually differ. Most women desire a nasal tip that is slightly upturned while men tend to prefer a nasal tip that is angled at about 90 degrees from the upper lip.

While there are common differences between the goals of male and female rhinoplasty patients, our plastic surgeons listen carefully to the cosmetic goals of each patient, in an effort to help them achieve results that satisfy his or her expectations and look harmonious with the patient’s other facial features.