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Do I Need Post-Weight Loss Body Contouring?


If you have taken the initiative to lose a significant amount of excess weight, you have already done a lot of work to improve your overall quality of life. However, regardless of whether bariatric surgery or traditional methods of weight loss were used, oftentimes men and women will have loose, sagging skin or isolated pockets of fat that remain. These common side effects of dramatic weight loss can be frustrating after putting so much effort into improving your health and physique. Fortunately, our plastic surgeons at The Ottawa Clinic can smooth, tone, and sculpt your figure with post-weight loss body contouring procedures to help fully realize your weight loss goals.

Ideal candidates for post-weight loss body contouring have maintained a stable weight for at least six months and are two or more years out from the beginning of their weight loss journey. Patients should also be in good overall health, exercise regularly, uphold a nutritious diet, and have realistic expectations for what can be achieved with body contouring surgery.

During the consultation process, your plastic surgeon will discuss your cosmetic goals and review which body contouring procedures might best suit your needs. Procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck, lower body lift, arm lift, or thigh lift surgery can all be used to target troublesome areas and create a slimmer silhouette that enhances the curves of your natural figure. To learn more about body contouring, and how these post-weight loss surgeries can help you attain the physique you’ve been working toward, please contact our office today.