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New CoolMini Technology Arrives in Ottawa

coolmini_imageThe Ottawa Clinic is now offering a new, non-invasive procedure that eliminates troublesome fat in areas such as the chin, knees, or armpits.

Recently approved by Health Canada, the CoolMini uses CoolSculpting® technology to melt away fat through a unique freezing process. During treatment, the fat in the targeted area is frozen, massaged, and thawed. This fat is then naturally processed through the body, leaving the treated area with a slimmer and more defined contour.

“The CoolMini’s size, shape, and curvature is designed to fit comfortably around fatty areas that are resistant to diet and exercise,” says Dr. Nodwell, founder and Plastic Surgeon at The Ottawa Clinic. “No amount of diet and exercise will remove a double chin, knee bulges, or under-arm fat; the CoolMini provides a perfect solution.”

To give patients the best experience, The Ottawa Clinic is offering dual CoolMini treatments to target two areas with troublesome fat in one quick session. The treatment takes about an hour and there is no recovery time.

The Ottawa Clinic was among the first to introduce CoolSculpting® to the National Capital Region and is the only clinic to offer plastic surgeon directed care and Dual CoolSculpting®. Since its introduction, clients have been seeing significant results.

Are you having trouble getting rid of stubborn fat? Find out more about CoolSculpting® and the new CoolMini by booking a consultation with The Ottawa Clinic today.