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Ottawa Tummy Tuck: How One Woman Got Back on the Road to Wellbeing

Natasha used to lead a healthy lifestyle, favouring spin classes and the treadmill as ways to keep in shape, but when she was struck with a painful medical condition six years ago, she was stopped in her tracks. Over the last six years, Natasha gained 50 pounds, until one day this fall when she decided to take matters into her own hands. Natasha opted for a tummy tuck with Dr. Nodwell and his expert team at The Ottawa Clinic.

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, allowed Natasha to get the surgery at her convenience and specifically addressed the weight she’d gained, much of which she carried around her abdomen.

“That first meeting with Dr. Nodwell was very encouraging,” Natasha remembers. “His sense of humour put me at ease, and he gave me very precise details about the procedure. Dr. Nodwell could see that I carried my weight in my abdomen and that it was mostly external fat. This made me an ideal candidate.”

Six weeks after her abdominoplasty, Natasha has experienced a little bit of pain, which is to be expected from an abdominoplasty, but she isn’t phased – Natasha says she’s on the path to leading a healthier life once again.

Failure to lose weight wasn’t for lack of trying. “I tried to lose weight with diets and herbal supplements, but nothing worked and I couldn’t exercise like I used to because of the pain. The abdominoplasty has given me real results that I can see and feel, and the staff at the Clinic are amazing. They are there for me every step of the way. I have already recommended Dr. Nodwell to two friends.”

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